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Really a great opportunity to exercise and feel good when you're finished. Music is always on point!
Karla Bronaugh
I've been attending Liz's Yoga class for a couple of months and can attest that she is a wonderful instructor and nice person. However, I think she could count just a little faster with some of the yoga poses LOL. Very well balanced workout with great music. I'm improved my endurance, balance, and flexibility a great deal since starting her workouts. As someone that explorers caves, these are important considerations as I get older.
Geary Schindel
Liz Herrera has been leading our yoga group for three months now. Our group consists of individuals of varying ages and experience. She is very knowledgeable and patient in her teaching giving adjustments and modifications as she goes. Liz has a positive and uplifting attitude that we all look forward to. She goes the extra mile to make her class fun and inviting. From her eclectic playlists to her use of essential oils and affirmations, Liz’s students know that she puts a lot of prior planning into her craft. She is always punctual and very professional. She is a passionate yogi who strives to connect on and off the mat. Using social media, she reaches a wide audience and offers guidance to her students. Liz is an inspiration who leaves all her students feeling better about themselves and their personal fitness. She would be an asset to any program.
Sarah Valdez
If you haven’t tried yoga, I highly recommend, Elizabeth Herrera. She offers corporate and personal yoga wellness instruction. I’m very thankful my employer offered this to our employees. Liz taught yoga for our employees at the Alamo Colleges during the last few weeks of our summer break and she always came on time and was ready to challenge us. As she took us through our warm up, she thoughtfully chose each word to provide clarity and praise to build our confidence and tailored each pose to each of our level of expertise. Liz then moved on to more challenging poses, describing the importance and breathing, an important technique for us in learning to build our strength with each pose. She wrapped up each session’s cool down, with an encouraging thought, reminding each of us to take time for ourselves each day. She even reached out to each person leaving the building encouraging them to attend as well. I left each session invigorated and grounded, ready to tackle my busy world of family and work. As the weeks passed, I felt stronger and looked forward to my class. She is beautiful on the outside and more importantly, her light shines from the inside, as she willingly and generously shares her encouragement with others. You can tell she really cares about what she does and I only wish we could have her permanently assigned as our yoga instructor. Liz, thank you for your time and patience with all of us. I hope to see you again at our workplace!
Gina Lopez
Our agency has joined with the YMCA to incorporate workplace Yoga for staff on Mondays during lunch and Elizabeth is our new instructor. Elizabeth incorporates several styles of Yoga into each session including Power Yoga, which is my personal favorite. She is knowledgeable in each styles and is always ready and willing to provide "success options" for those that need them. Her amazing attitude and wonderful music selections add a lot to her classes as well. I have greatly enjoyed working with her and look forward to joining some of her other classes at the YMCA soon!
Jennifer Adkins Schudrowitz